Monday, June 9, 2008

Marketing Sales Representatives Wanted

Job Functions and requirements.

To sell books to the open public and to set up accounts with book retail stores.

The marketing representatives contact book stores to set up accounts.

Each marketing representative will then manage and maintain that account as the contact person for that book store.

The marketing representative could work at their own convenience from home full time or part time.

There is no prior sales or experience necessary

Minimum age requirement for this job position is 18 yrs

The books to be sold to the public are “The Trinity of Lights”, “The Seed Master”, “La Semila Maestra”. La Semilla Maestra is the Spanish version of “The Seed Master”. Only books written by Ken Nunoo will be made available for sales.

The marketing representative may choose what territory or region he or she wishes to manage as their market.

The marketing representative will be offered the opportunity to purchase the books they are interested in selling at a whole sale price.

The marketing representative may set their own retail price for each book.

The marketing representative keeps the profit they earn between the whole sales price and whatever the book is sold for to the public or retail stores.

If interested send email with your name, address, contact phone number to for more details.